Running Wild With Heores

Working hard for your achievments and stretching you to the utterly last to run faster, lift more and jumping higher is something we all love. But what do we all do whilst relaxing and winding down after a heavy workout. We at Helly Hansen uses our free time to cook nice food playing scrabbles and playing online casino. We ahve some favourite foods and games that we always play.

A perfect evening for us is dusting of the old pasta machine that we got years ago from grandma making goat cheese ravioli that are both super healthy and super delicious. Together with a glass of red wine and some spinning on our favourite online casino When playing we prefer spinning the reels on Hooks Heroes, this you can do for free at or go into our favourite casino to play for real money. If you are new to casino we alway recommend playing for free money first, this you can do best at

After spinning the reels and hopefully made us a little bit richer there is no better way to end the night with some scrabbles, glass of wine and a fruity smoothie before turning into bed.

What do you do when winding down after a hard weeks work, write to us and share your tips of what the prefect friday wind down is. If you have any good healthy recipes make sure to add the as well. We love a good recipe specially those healthy ones so the body and mind stay happy as well.

One of our friends came with a tip once on the perfect wind down. He always starts his sundays with a nice little brunch containing egg benedict (home made of course) with a glass of orange juice, sometimes champagne. This feast will make you stand on your two feet until late dinner. Then you will have the whole day for exploring the woods going to art museums or just strolling through the old city wthout the feeling of getting any cravings. Best way to start the morning is indeed with a big healthy breakfast. Egg Benedicts are not one of the ehalthies things you can always exchange the hollandaise against something with less fat… But how nice would it taste then.

Workout at home

To prepare for these battles and hard course it is good if you work out at home first before entering the competition.
Whether you get a personal trainer or go to the gym it is cruscial that you do some exercising in order to complete the course.

We recommend everyone to go to peronsal trainer at a gym as they can not just push you to your limits but also help you with your diet so that you get 100% out of your training. We also have some home equipment and do most of our exercise together at home. Both via yoga DVD’s and running in the neighbourhood.

At the moment we are on the Paleo Diet which does not allow us to eat any dairy, pasta, potatoes and proccessed food.
It has helped a lot in our weight gain.

When we are not working out or eating healthy we are doing just the opposite to treat ourselves. On saturdays the pizza oven gets fired up and we do a nice crispy pizza with lots and lots of cheese. Turn on the ipad and computer and start spinning the magical casino slots. To read more about our casino adventures go to

We also play a lot of videogames mostly starcraft and counterstrike. Both of theem you can compete in and starcraft actually have 2 TV channels airing 24/7 in Korea.